What Was The Worst Moment of Georgetown's Season?

Was the loss to N.C. State the worst moment of the season? (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Yesterday we took some time to look back and reveal Georgetown's best moment of last season, and today we're flipping the switch to recall what was the absolute worst. Why, you ask? Well, because until the 'Casual NBA Draft LiveBlog Spectacular A Go-Go' on June 28th we pretty much have nothing else to do.

Top 5 Worst Moments of the season in no particular order after The Jump:

1) The loss at Syracuse in which the Hoyas outplayed the 2nd ranked team in the country and Hollis Thompson wasn't allowed on the court for the final play.

The referees did nothing to help Georgetown down the stretch, calling phantom fouls and absurd possession changers in a game that came down to the last moments. That said, Georgetown, with good execution, would have won this game. Unfortunately, there was no Hollis Thompson three to bail us out BECAUSE THE REFEREES WOULDN'T LET HIM IN THE GAME ON THE FINAL POSSESSION.

2) Otto Porter's missed 18-footer with 10 seconds left that would have tied N.C State in the NCAA Tournament.

I am sure many people will be discussing Porter's decision to shoot a contested 18 footer with 10 seconds on the game clock, and it is understandable to do so. But remember this, without Otto Porter's sublime, beyond-his-years season, we are not even close to in the position of being a #3 seed.

3) The loss to Cincinnati in double overtime in the Big East Tournament, putting an end to Revenge Tour 2K12.

First and foremost, turnovers and free throws continue to KILL this team. The Hoyas played one of their most composed halves of the season in the first half, not turning the ball over at all. Then, it all came undone. Cincinnati increased the pressure, and we wilted. What should have been a grinding 9 point victory turned into a double overtime crusher.

4) The 18-point loss at Seton Hall.

I had the pleasure of watching the game in the lovely Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey and I can tell you that it looked like the entire Georgetown team had pooped itself with no one able to clean it up.

5) The 12-point loss at Pitt in which Hoyas dug 17-point 1st half hole while wearing pink shoes.

A long week after a narrow victory over Rutgers, the Georgetown Hoyas suffered their worst loss of the season to a Pittsburgh team who entered the game 1-7 in league play... all while wearing pink shoes for breast cancer awareness. The pink shoes continued a familiar trend of alternative footwear being correlated with poor performances-- as did the Hoyas loss immediately upon reaching the top ten, staple of the last several years.

Any others come to mind?

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