Georgetown 64, Pitt 52: Post-Game Observations, Likes/Dislikes

Georgetown 64, Pittsburgh 52 -- Quick Post-Game Observations; Likes/Dislikes

Like: Henry Sims and Otto Porter played like men. They combined for 40 points, 19 rebounds and six assists and exploited Pitt's undersized frontcourt. Otto had a career-high 20 points. The last time we played Pitt, we settled for jump shots, were manhandled on the glass, and rarely went to the free throw line. Henry and Otto made sure neither of those things happened again. Is Henry playing his way into the second round of the draft?

Dislike: How the hell did Otto not make the All-Freshmen Team? I know people have discussed this at length already, but it needs to be said again. Anthony Collins and Chane Behanan just aren't as good as Otto Porter.

Like: Jason Clark and Hollis Thompson combined for one field goal and the Hoyas still won convincingly. It's refreshing to know that we can win games when both of our star guards do very little. Jason and Hollis, together, haven't had this bad of a showing all season. It says a lot that we not only won this game, but ran away with it in the second half.

Dislike: Jason Clark and Hollis Thompson combined for one field goal. That can't happen again. Good teams usually find a way to shut down either Jason or Hollis, but not both of them. We need at least one guy to step up. They shot 1 of 10 from the floor.

Like: Big ups to JTIII for starting the game in a 2-3 zone and not giving up on the zone after Pitt hit a few deep threes. I wasn't worried when Pitt hit those shots because our defense was solid and we were preventing their guards from getting into the lane and handing the ball off to Robinson and Patterson for easy layups. I knew that Pitt wouldn't be able to shoot the lights out for forty minutes. Our length was tremendous, and I love how Whitt ended up in front of Gibbs on several possessions in the second half.

Dislike: A minor concern, but we need to tighten the corners of the zone. Lamar Patterson was able to pick us apart a little bit too often.

Like: Have I mentioned how much I love Greg Whittington? I've said it before and I'll say it again. If he can hit those wide open perimeter shots, we can beat anyone in the country. ANYONE.

Dislike: Hollis needs to do a better job of finishing. I know this is nothing new, and I really don't mind it when Hollis posts up against smaller defenders. But he needs to finish. It's the one part of his game that is preventing him from making the jump.

Like: We took lots of free throws.

Dislike: We missed lots of free throws. (Hitting 22 of 31 isn't terrible, but we should do better.)

Like: Give credit to JTIII for keeping our best lineup on the floor for 20 minutes of the game. It's becoming increasingly apparent that our best lineup is Otto, Jason, Hollis, Henry and Whitt. Good things happen when those guys are on the floor together. Otto played 39 minutes and Whitt played 30 minutes. That wasn't an accident. Nate played a season-low six minutes. I'm tired of the "we need to start certain guys so they don't lose their confidence" argument. At this stage in the season, winning games is more important than boosting confidence.

Dislike: For a one-minute stretch in the first half, Markel hit a rough patch. He missed a wide open three, fouled a guy shooting a three, and then botched a fast break when he traveled. We need Markel to step up. Those open threes need to go in. (Give him credit, though, for his one basket: a nifty drive and one-hander in the lane.)

Like: Kudos to the girl who had the "Simsanity" sign. Timely, appropriate and solid placement. (Also, way to have that Jason Clark sign just in case the Henry sign didn't work. And as it turned out, the Jason Clark sign wouldn't have made any sense.) Good contingency planning, SFSer. Now go study a map, dork.

Dislike: I thought about bringing an "Enjoy the Big 12" sign to display proudly after West Virginia lost in heartbreaking fashion, or an "Enjoy the ACC" sign for all of those annoying Pitt fans. But then I realized that I'm too old for that nonsense. So instead, I used my imagination to think about what it would have been like to hold up those signs, and it almost brought a smile to my face. Until I realized that I was old and needed to get back to work.

Like: That guy in the top row of section 112 who was shouting funny things after we beat Pitt. "Good luck in the ACC, University of Pittsburgh Panthers. This is a big boy conference and you suck." He was laughing hysterically. I smiled.

Dislike: The pastrami sandwich from Carnegie Deli at the Garden. Don't get me wrong - I'm a fan of the Garden's new gourmet offerings, but the selections are overpriced and never as good as you want them to be. In this case, the pastrami was decent (and there was a lot of it), but this mini Carnegie Deli served Thousand Island dressing in a packet (I prefer Russian) and nothing was fresh, and you obviously lose the ambiance of the real Carnegie Deli. Better than the usual chicken fingers and fries, to be fair, but still not as good as I'd hoped. (Side note: Katz's, Mile End and Kutsher's all have better pastrami.)

Stay Casual, my friends.

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