Recap of the Hoya Blue Meeting


For those of you who have been wondering, where is Hoya Blue and what are they doing (or failing to do) that no students are showing up? This recap of our meeting last night is for you.

While Nova may be sitting in 12th place with a 4-8 conference record, it's our last Saturday home game, Nova still caries name recognition and we want to do it big. A few members have decided to throw a pep rally in Red Square on Friday before the game and we're throwing our support behind them. Student groups across the board have been contacted to come and perform, Pep Band has already agreed to be there and we're still waiting to hear from most performance groups. There will be music and free food. Crackdencookies, a food blog written by Georgetown students, has agreed to supply baked goods. As one of our members commented yesterday: The 3 Best Bs in Life: Booze, Baked Goods, and Basketball"...what more could you want? (Disclaimer, as a Georgetown Student Group Hoya Blue will not be providing any alcohol. What individuals choose to do is by no means under our control). All Hoya fans everywhere are invited from 11-1ish to join in the festivities. The AD Marketing department will be there handing out goodies, so for those students who didn't show up to games to get the free stuff, they have another chance. We're also helping that this pep rally in addition to stomping out Nova will help carry the enthusiasm into Senior Day against Notre Dame.

NOTE TO STUDENTS: Students will not be receiving Gray Out shirts (because the AD is convinced we don't need them since we wear gray already) at the Nova Game. However, they are going to save shirts for the first 1,000 students to show up to the Notre Dame game.

In addition, we had a lot of discussion about the ideas put forth in the comments yesterday. We tried to focus on things we can change now, such as better coordination for cheering amongst the students and revamping the cheer sheets (still looking to you guys for some creativity). We also discussed more specific and explicit suggestions for transportation to games and creating a better game day culture. We plan to set up a clear area where people can come and use our face paint and get excited prior to tipoff.

The last part we need your help for. I was recently contacted by an alum who proposed the idea of bringing back Hoya Rival Reels See Examples Below:

We want to create a YouTube channel where Hoya fans can submit videos for the Nova and ND game and do our damndest to make sure everyone sees them prior to the games. A few will be selected to be shown at the game on the jumbotron (although the AD had restricted those shown publicly to PC and "pro-Georgetown" rather than anti-Nova/ND videos, lame I know). However, we all know that the videos bashing the other team are the funniest and we're trying to come up with some sort of prize for the creator of the video with the most views (the challenge being what do we do if it's an alum very far away? Willing to hear thoughts.) I know it's only a week and a half away (It's only a week and half away!!!) but I need you creative and funny people to start making videos so we can start posting them everywhere and anywhere we can and get students and alums alike psyched for the last 2 home games.

Youtube channel is being set up now and will be posted as soon as it's done!

Stay Casual, my friends.

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