2012-13 Georgetown Hoyas Player Profiles: Nate Lubick


Hoyas need Lubick to be a significant contributor in his junior season.

Our award-winning player profiles series now takes a look at the juniors, starting with forward Nate Lubick.

Last Season:
While Nate did not take a step back from his freshman campaign, he certainly did not progress the way people were expecting, averaging just 3.5 points, 3.9 rebounds and 2 assists per game. Though certainly not as bad as a certain message board's vitriol made him out to be, Lubick took a step back in scoring but improved across the board in other areas, contributing more rebounds, more assists, more blocks, fewer fouls, and fewer turnovers. He was the second leading assist man on the team besides Henry Sims, and his passing and experience will be vital to this years team. Lubick also had the second highest FG% on the team after Otto Porter and was nationally ranked by KenPom.com for his offensive rating, offensive rebounding, assist rate, and block % for the amount of minutes he played.

Outlook for This Season:
Nate underachieved last season but looks needs to bounce back and become a major contributor this season. Nate showed up to Kenner League in much better shape than last year and appeared to jump higher and run faster in summer league play. Though summer league isn't any real barometer to predict play on the court during the regular season, last year, Nate physically looked stiff from bulking up too much in the gym, and this year he was definitely more fluid. Particularly, his vertical was a problem last year and seems to have improved in that area. His three point shot was solid and his form looked better. He needs to implement a mid range jumper more, a shot defenses will leave him wide open to take.

Best Case Scenario:
Nate has a breakout year and falls into the "Jeff Green Role" in the Georgetown Offense. Nate elevates his scoring to double digits and hauls in 6+ rebounds a game, while being able to score effectively in the post, free throw line, and yes, even from behind the three point arc. Lubick wins the Most Improved Player of the year in the Big East and becomes the player we were expecting him to be after his promising freshman campaign.

Worst Case Scenario:
More of the same from Nate this season. After starting slow out of the gate, Lubick begins to lose confidence rapidly. He becomes a pass-first forward who opponent's defenses don't guard, making things more difficult offensively for the team. As a result, he is removed from the starting lineup before Big East play and Otto Porter is moved to the 4 spot. Nate never displays the offensive talent that made him a top 50 recruit coming out of high school and he remains a energy guy but nothing more. He becomes the next Hoya player to turn to GUSA for salvation.

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