Georgetown 69, St. John's 49 -- Post-Game Observations, Likes/Dislikes

Georgetown 69, St. John's 49 - Post-Game Observations, Likes/Dislikes

Like: Taking care of business. We're better than St. John's and we were supposed to win this game by 20. And we did. It's nice when expectations and reality collide.

Dislike: Getting off to a slow start. Don't understand why we fell behind in the first eight minutes. We settled for too many jumpers.

Like: The birthday boy. Jason Clark had quite possibly the most complete game of his career - 15 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists. Jason's perimeter shot wasn't falling (he was only 1 of 5 from beyond the arc), but it didn't stop him from being aggressive. Jason attacked the basket, settled for mid-range jumpers when they were there, and set up Hollis and others for some open looks, particularly in the second half. A solid b-day game for #21.

Dislike: Markel hit a three to open the game and then stopped shooting. He didn't make many mistakes (which is good), but he needs to be a little more aggressive.

Like: Our defense. We held the Johnnies to 31.5% shooting from the floor and ZERO three-pointers (they were 0 for 10). D'Angelo Harrison, their leading scorer, only had one basket (1 of 12 from the floor). Against a team that entered the game 330th in the nation in three-point shooting, our 2-3 zone was extremely effective. We forced them to beat us over the top, and predictably, they couldn't.

Dislike: Wish we would've used the zone right from the start. St. John's raced out to an early 13-5 lead because we kept letting them slash their way to the basket. We had a significant height advantage against a team that couldn't shoot. I wanted to see that zone sooner.

Like: Hollywood. Another tale of two halves for Hollis, but his second half was pretty awesome. He scored all 20 of his points after intermission and also contributed a solid five rebounds and four steals. Love his stroke, love the confidence.

Dislike: Hollis was 1 of 4 from the free throw line. His five missed free throws against West Virginia were an anomaly. Let's hope this doesn't turn into a trend.

Like: The new gourmet food options at the Garden. I figured I'd be stuck with chicken fingers and waffle fries, but I was completely wrong. MSG now has a totally new section of gourmet snacks, like a Hill Country bbq brisket sandwich, Aquagrill lobster and shrimp sandwich, a sausage roll from Andrew Carmellini, or some fine meats from Carnegie Deli. I went with Hill Country. It was delicious brisket.

Dislike: The prices of the new gourmet food options. Expected, but ridiculous. I spent over 13 bucks for what was essentially an oversized brisket slider. Tasty, but not enough food for a proper lunch. And the side of cole slaw was disgusting.

Like: Our rebounding. A solid 41-29 rebounding margin, which included a staggering 18 offensive boards. Special shout-out to Otto (ten rebounds), Jason (eight rebounds) and Cool Whitt (eight rebounds). They were awesome on the offensive glass and managed to get a number of put-back layups.

Dislike: Nate struggled again. He only played 11 minutes, but he got off to a rocky start and didn't really see the court in the second half. I thought he'd be effective against the Red Storm's undersized frontcourt, but JTIII went with Porter and Hopkins instead. I suspect Nate will see a little more action against DePaul. Keep your head up, Nate.

Like: Cool Whitt. Good things happen when he's on the court. Love the defense, love the length on the perimeter, love the rebounding. And love that he's only a freshman.

Dislike: Whitt and Otto from the perimeter. Whitt only seems to score when he has open layups. Porter has developed a decent mid-range game, but not from more than ten feet from the basket. Both of these guys can play and I know that both of them can shoot (because I saw it in China). Neither player is taking bad shots and neither guy is forcing the issue. I only mention their perimeter shooting for one reason: think how nasty our team will be when one or both of them can hit shots consistently from the perimeter. We would be unstoppable. How far this Georgetown team advances this year will depend primarily on two factors: (1) the development of Mikael Hopkins and (2) Otto and Whitt's ability to knock down perimeter shots (not necessarily threes, just outside shots). Please don't consider this carte blanche to start jacking up threes all day long. The layups are better. This is just a friendly observation that when Bubba and Cool Whitt start knocking down shots, we could have a more potent aerial attack than THE GREATEST SHOW ON TURF.

Like: The St. John's mock trial team. They're really good (#2 in the nation) and they beat Harvard! Congrats young lawyers.

Dislike: You see the postgame quotes from St. John's? Way to make it all about yourselves, fellas. Great team attitude.

Moe Harkless: "Every game comes to a point where me or D (freshman D'Angelo Harrison) will have to take over the game, especially one like this with a comeback like we had," Harkless said, "but unfortunately it wasn't there and we didn't execute."

D'Angelo Harrison: "I just try to take shots that are there but I got blocked a couple times and that hurts," Harrison said. "My teammates did a good job of keeping me in the game. ... (Junior) Malik Stith told me to keep my head up and there's going be games like this in the Big East even for the top players."

Like: After yesterday's win, those of you who departed the Garden may have walked by some guy playing the flute. He was playing "When the Saints Go Marching In." Which can only mean one thing: we're going to New Orleans, kids. Getcha suitcase packed.

Dislike: Odd music selections from the St. John's band and others who control the sound system. During two separate timeouts, we were subjected to the Jurassic Park theme song and a flurry of loud noises from Requiem for a Dream. Surprisingly, I did not see Dr. Grant or any velociraptors. I did run into Jeff Goldblum in the bathroom, though:

Like: A great day to be in New York. A solid Georgetown win followed by the Giants absolutely dismantling the Packers. Pretty insane.

Dislike: I am a Jets fan. And yesterday was freezing and windy.

Closing Thought: It's never easy to win road games in the Big East. Let's take the victory against St. John's and move on to Chicago. Happy birthday, Jason.

Stay Casual, my friends.

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