Terp War: Georgetown Lady Hoyas Face Maryland In Women's NCAA Tournament

Sugar Rodgers.  via

So here we stand. The Hoya men have already bowed out of the NCAA Tournament but that doesn't mean the end of Hoya basketball this season. The Lady Hoyas are alive and well in the women's NCAAs and now more than ever, it's time to rally around them.

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The Hoyas stormed into College Park Sunday afternoon to absolutely demolish 65-49 Princeton in the Comcast Center. The score makes the game closer than it was as the Hoyas dominated on both ends of the court. Sugar Rodgers single-handedly outscored Princeton 16-14 in the first half alone. She would finish with 26 and 8. Tia Magee had a strong 2nd half finishing up with 14 points and Rubylee Wright was clutch from 3 with 11 points of her own.

As I said, the game score looks closer than it was as the Hoyas went up nearly 30 early in the 2nd half. Their usual 2nd half slowdown contributed to Princeton's rally that closed the gap to 15. The star of the game (besides Sugar) was our press which gave Princeton and its fans absolute fits. They were so confounded by their inability to break our press that their pep band resorted to yelling SAFETY SCHOOL at one point. Clearly when it comes to basketball, we showed we made the right choice in higher education.

The Hoya fan turnout was promising with several hundred in the stands. The students, although strong in numbers, were highly disappointing. They sat the entire game (with no one sitting behind them) and barely cheered. The band, cheerleaders and assorted fans more than picked up the slack though.

The athletic department will be running buses to College Park Tuesday night. Email to reserve a spot. Tickets for the bus/game/pizza are ONLY $5 DOLLARS. You can get a ticket at the arena with a valid GoCard for only ONE DOLLAR. For you older fans, reserved tickets are only $18 ($16 general admission) for adults and $14/12 for youth under 17. Call 202-687-2182 or email for tickets. I don't donate much but I ended up with a floor seat in the corner by our bench for Sunday's game so you're sure to end up with equally good seats.

The only downside to tonight's game? Playing Maryland in their arena full of Terp fans. This is why we need as many people as we can get either on the buses or going up the Green Line. The 5-seed Hoyas defeated the 4-seed Lady Terps 53-45 in a thrilling matchup in McDonough in November. Although they face the same roster, Maryland stands to be a much tougher matchup second time around and not just because they're in their home arena. They finished 24-7 overall and 9-5 in the ACC including a late season win over now 2-seed Duke. The Terps only lost 2 home games this season. Everyone knows Comcast is a hard place for the guys to play and with the Terp men locked out of the postseason, the Turtle Nation is sure to be out in full force Tuesday night.

The Hoyas can absolutely win this game. They've already beaten Maryland once this season. If we can keep our press working and shoot relatively accurately, we'll escape College Park no sweat. If the inevitable 2nd half slowdown happens, we have to keep up on the defensive end to survive it. More than anything, the Hoyas need fan support to keep up their momentum. Please head up to College Park if at all possible tonight and if not, be sure to tune in on the ESPN Family of Networks. Tipoff is at 7:15PM ET. The winner faces the evil empire that is UConn. We'll get to UConn after we win.

Stay Casual, my friends.

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