Syracuse Scouting Report

1) Get rick Jackson in foul trouble. He's playing 87.5% of their minutes. They are 100% dependent on him. He's their main rebounder grabbing over a 100 more rebounds than the second highest rebounder. This won't be easy though as he has a very low foul rate on the year. A lot of that is due to the zone. That being said we need to attack the hoop a lot when he's in the middle. When he's on the wing drive at his hip and try to get the blocking foul.
I don't expect him to dominate incredibly he's only gotten over 20 once this year and he's only averaging about 13 a game in BE play. Box him out and we should be fine. Speaking of which...

2) BOX OUT! can't give them a lot of second chance points. Syracuse is a good offensive rebounding team. Stick a but into your man. Guards need to help rebound.

3) Don't take rushed shots. Especially not ones from long distance which result in run outs.

4) When we do we need to get back in transition D.  Syracuse gets a lot of points in transition and that's where they excel.

5) Defend against the drive rather than the 3 pt shot. In BE play only Joseph 3X(W Prov, L Nova, L@ Marq) Jardine 2X(L@pitt L@ Marq) and Tirche 3X(W@Hal W@SJ L vs Nova) hit more than 2 3pters in a game. 3 of the 5 games represented were loses and 3 out of 5 were on the road. More likely than not they're not going to beat us from deep. I'm not saying don't close out on shooters, but when defending play off them to guard against the drive.

6)Force joseph to his left. Joseph is only a good 3pt shooter when uncontested. Sit on his right hand to prevent his strong side drive and don't leave him open from 3.

7) Cuse doesn't get to the line very well 237th nationally and they're not a goof FT shooting team: 62% in conference play: Jackson 50% Joseph 62% Jardine 66% triche 75%

8)Syracuse gets most of it's offense 56.3% from 2pt shots. and gets less than the national average from the FT line and beyond the arc.

9) Syracuse is a great shot blocking team #1 in Blk% and very good at stealing the ball 12th in stl%. Protecting the ball and especially limiting live ball turnovers will be key in this game.

10) the 3pt shot is a great weapon against the zone, but don't fall in love with it. It's not the only weapon. We need to start by attacking the seams of the zone. Use the screen at the top of the zone as others have done so far this year to great success.

11) Zones are difficult to rebound out of. Cuse is no exception and they aren't a strong defensive rebounding team. Julian and Lubick need to crash the boards and second opportunities. The two guards who don't drive on a particular play need to get back on defense though while the bigs crash the boards.

12) Play Smart and Play with intensity on both ends of the court. This is a winnable game.

Stay Casual, my friends.

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