Positive PostGame Prognosis: Connecticut

Most of you already realize this but for those that don't: Everything is fine.


With Louisville losing last night Georgetown is still in sole possession of third place and the oh-so-desired double-bye.  We are 9-5 while Louisville, Nova, St. John's and Uconn are all 8-5.  If it went to mini-conference, the Hoyas still come out ahead as we are 3-2 against these teams while Louisville is 2-2; Nova is 1-2; UConn is 2-2:  St. John's is 2-2.  So before the UConn game we were all alone in third place now after the UConn game, we're still all alone in third place.

Despite the outcome, there were definite positives in this game. Despite the fact that we did not play that well, Georgetown was still in a position to win this game at the end.


  • We did a very good job of holding on to the ball. We only had  turnovers for the game a Turnover Rate of only 12.3% about half our rate for the season.
  • We actually did a good job on the boards. Only allowing 28% offensive rebounding %. We out rebounded UConn by 1 and 3 on the offensive boards.
  • The Hoyas showed a lot of grit and determination in the face of tough odds and a hostile crowd.They did not give up and kept on fighting. Sometimes things aren't going your way on either end of the court. It's easy to give up at that point. This game reminded me of the ND game from earlier this year. In both games we weren't playing great on either end of the court, but I think this time we didn't let it bother us as much and we fought harder and thus were still in position at the end of the game.
  • UConn opened themselves up to a whole lot of bad karma for the way Orihaki went for the dunk instead of just dribbling out the clock like his teammate wanted to do. That was just one of the dick moves UConn pulled in that game. Karma is going to bitch slap the crap out of the Huskies.


Player Evaluations:

Chris Wright: Carried the team, again, especially in the second half where he scored 13 of his 19 points. His 3pt stroke has been off the charts the last two games as he has gone 5-9 in both games. He's still managing to dish out a number of assists to go along with al those points dishing out 5 dimes. He also grabbed 3 rebounds and a steal.

Austin Freeman: Gutted out the game. I don't care what he or anyone else says he's clearly not 100% the ankle is clearly bothering him. Rest him against USF. That way he has a week off before our important two game home stand. After which we have another week off before our final regular season game. The fact that he was able to extend his streak of double digits games is massively impressive. 12 points 7 rebounds 4 assists and a steal. An amazing stat line especially when you consider his injury. I'm sure he'd be able to go for USF, but i think it's better for him to rest at this point.

Jason Clark: Very nice game for Jason. Was the leading scorer in the first half. Ended the game with 13pts 1 rebound, 1 steal and 2 assists. He was a very efficient 6-9 from the field with a 125.3 ORtg.

Julian Vaughn: Continues to be a rock down low. Doesn't matter who we face I feel confident feeding Julian down on the blocks. Frankly I thought we could've gone to him more yesterday. Ended up with 9 points 3 rebounds 2 blocks and an assist.

Nate Lubick: Thundersnow brought it for a game that I assume his friends and family were in attendance for. 6points 8 rebounds including 4 offensive, an assist and no turnovers. Love his hustle. He's always good for at least a dunk every game. He's Tenacious! Great ORtg for the game 137.3.

Hollis Thompson: Had a very solid game 10pts 2 rebounds, 1 block. He had a great shooting night 4-7 from the field and 2-3 from behind the arc.  Had a team leading 150.6 Offensive Rating. Had several nice pull up jumpers. Love his game he's really developing nicely. Kid will be a force in the league before his career is over. Would say he's more likely to be our leading scorer next year due to his ability to get his own shot.

Henry Sims: Had 1 pt 1 assist and 3 rebounds. Thought he played better than his number indicated and probably should've gotten to the line a couple more times than he did.

Jerrelle Benimon: He only played 4 minutes and according to the box score he didn't impact the game at all. I think that's what most people here want out of him. Statistically was the best defender again.

Markel Starks: Also saw limited time. Grabbed a rebound. That's about it. Was +3 in the +/-.

Vee Sanford: Only saw a minute of time. Wasn't able to slow down Kemba any better than anyone else so don't mind his limited minutes.

We lost to a quality team on the road. We weren't favored to win this game. While we could have won the game and had opportunities it was not our night. Time to move on to the next one.  We have four winnable games left.  After winning eight in a row it's hard to get upset about one loss. Time for a new win streak.

Stay Casual, my friends.

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