Henry Sims-Best Passing Big Man in Hoya History?

This is a cross post from Hoyatalk, but hey, why not spread the love and join the Delusion Train over here as well? I promise not to do it again (Plus I got a casual personal invite from HireEsherick to start posting and I thought I'd take him up on it.)

Anyway, Henry has a chance to have the most assists in a season by a big man in Hoya History (to the best of my knowledge). Through 11 games, Henry has 41 assists, for an average of 3.72 assists per game. If he continues that pace, he'll fall just shy of the 3.77 assists per game that Greg Monroe averaged in 2009-2010. If Henry gets the minimum number of games (20-18 BE, 1BET, 1NCAA/NIT) and maintains his current average, he'd finish with 115 assists, which would be the 3rd most by a Hoya big man ever. He would also be the 3rd Hoya big man ever to reach 100 assists in a season and would be the 4th Hoya big man ever to average more than 3 assists per game.

Two more thoughts: 1) In 2009-2010, Monroe only had 35 assists in his 11 non-conference games, 8 fewer than Henry currently has; 2) Henry is averaging 24.2 MPG so far, about 10MPG fewer than the other Hoya big men who averaged more than 3 assists per game. If the stats were neutralized over 40mpg, his assist rate would be way ahead of all them.

For reference (and in case I missed anyone) here are the top passing seasons by Hoya Big Men based on assists per game:

  1. Greg Monroe, 2009-2010: 3.8 APG, 34 games played, 128 assists, 34.2 MPG
  2. Merlin Wilson, 1972-1973: 3.5 APG, 26 games played, 91 assists, MPG unknown
  3. Jeff Green, 2005-2006: 3.3 APG, 33 games played, 108 assists,32.5 MPG
  4. Jeff Green, 2006-2007: 3.2 APG, 37 games played, 118 assists, 33.3 MPG
  5. Jeff Green, 2004-2005: 2.9 APG, 32 games played, 93 assists, 33.8 MPG

There have only been 8 other seasons in which a Hoya Big Man had more than 50 assists: Roy Hibbert (2007-2008), Greg Monroe (2008-2009), Merlin Wilson (1975-76), (Mike Sweetney (2000-01 & 2002-03), Alonzo Mourning (1991-92), Dikembe Mutombo (1990-91), Jerome Williams (1995-96). Of those 8 seasons, only Hibbert, Monroe and Sweetney managed more than 60 assists and only Monroe had more than 70 (he had 79 in 2008-09).

Disclaimer: The Hoya Basketball Archive doesn't have assists for pre-JT2 era players, so I don't know if an earlier big man had more assists or a higher APG.

Stay Casual, my friends.

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