Positive PostGame Prognosis: Villanova


All aboard the Delusional Train! No need to shove there's plenty of room.  The Hoyas went into Philadelphia and silenced the remaining doubters that they would be a force to be reckoned with.  Apparently the national media was still questioning the Hoyas after three straight wins because they were against bottom feeders Rutgers, Seton Hall, and St. John's. You know the same Rutgers team that almost knocked off Pitt, the same Seton Hall team that embarrassed Cuse in the dome, and the same St. John's team that just dismantled Duke. But yeah those wins were all worthless apparently.  But no one can deny the legitimacy of going into a Top 10 team's gym and beating them for 40 minutes.

The Hoyas dominated.  I think the final score was misleading due to those phantom plays that occurred out of sight of loyal ESPN watchers. I thought we were double digits better than Nova and that it was clear we were the better team. The Hoyas are really playing inspired basketball right now. On both ends of the court the Hoyas played an excellent game. 

On the offensive end, Georgetown executed very well against a very good defensive team. Nova is now 25th in Defensive Efficiency, but I believe they were higher before they met us. And it was more than just the Austin Freeman show. After all he only accounts for 43% of our points... this was a team effort.  We got a lot of points going to the rim with lay-ups and tip-ins. We did a great job in the first half of limiting our turnovers. The big key was our phenomenal FT shooting especially from Julian Vaughn.The team as a whole went 16-17 from the line to go along with a FG% of 52.2% and shot 41.7% from three. Those are outstanding numbers.

On the defensive end, Georgetown played "The best pick and roll defense of the year" according to Hubert Davis. The Hoyas did a great job keeping Nova's guards from getting where they wanted to get to on the court. The first half is where our defense really shined limiting Nova to an 87.4 Offensive Efficiency and 37% eFG. This was in part due to our great 20.8% block rate and great defensive rebounding.  The energy and intensity were palpable. We're really getting after it on the defensive end. We forced Nova to shoot jump shots limiting their ability to get to the rim.

The Hoyas also did a great job on the boards limiting Nova to a 29% offensive rebounding percentage for the game. In the first half we hauled in a stellar 83.3% of the wildcats misses.

A tip of the hat must be given by all to the excellent coaching job done by JTIII. Words can describe the mastery with which he's been coaching over the last couple weeks. He has transformed this teams energy and vibe. The intensity with which this team is playing and the game planning JTIII has been employing is just outstanding. Keep up the great work Hoyas!

Player Evaluations:

Austin Freeman: Austin Freeman must haunt Villanova fan's dreams. Averaging over 26 points against Nova in the last 3 meetings. Austin is a 1 man Nova Wrecking Crew. Austin did a great job getting to the rim. Only 6 of his 30 came from behind the arc added to his 8 points from the line he got the majority of his points going to the rim or in the midrange game. I could go on for hours about the beauty that is Austin Freeman's offensive Game, but what was most impressive was his improved defense yesterday. Austin did a great job on stokes Nova's leading scorer, especially in the first half.

Chris Wright: Despite the fact that he didn't score Chris actually played quite well. He had 6 assists. When Chris is distributing like that and controlling the game he doesn't have to score in order for us to have success. Chris also had 2 steals and 4 rebounds. He played great defense against the guards of Villanova.

Jason Clark: Another player that I know drives Nova crazy. Shot 50% from 3 against nova who after last year can't get images of Clark draining 3's out of their heads. Jason also grabbed 4 rebounds to go along with his 10 points.

Julian Vaughn: His stretch in the second half where he scored all 9 of his points in a 4 minute span in the second half was a huge part in this victory. Nova had cut the lead to 2. Julian's play kept us in the lead. Julian hitting 7-7 from the line was unreal. Clearly the Nova student section sucks.  Vaughn also grabbed 3 rebounds, an assist, a block, and a steal.

Nate Lubick: Very solid game from thundersnow. He will most be remembered for huge huge dunk at the end of the game, but i think the most impressive thing was how he backed down his man executed a nice post move and scored with his back to the basket. 8 points on a perfect 4-4 shooting. Nate also grabbed 2 rebounds had 3 assists and no turnovers, a block and a steal. Great showing by the freshman in his first start in a hostile environment.

Hollis Thompson: Only 2 points, but he played solid defense including a block. He grabbed 3 rebounds including 2 offensive. He also had an assist and no turnovers. He's had great energy off the bench. He's a consummate teammate and role player.

Henry Sims: Great Great game by Henry he did very well defensively. What I really liked was the way he adapted on defense. On one play Yarou pump faked and henry bit on it allowing Yarou to go around him. The next time they matched up Henry didn't bite, which was the proper move as Yarou is not a jump shooter, Yarou then took the jumper leading to a Hoya rebound. Henry had a huge block as well. Henry chipped in 4 points and 5 rebounds. His great play was key in this game

Jerrelle Benimon: Came in and played very good defense. He grabbed 2 rebounds and blocked a shot. He also didn't do anything negative by my count.

Markel Starks: Had a great game defensively earning the best Defensive Rating of the teams guards. Scored off an out of bounds play.

Vee Sanford: It's good to write his name again. Came in and calmly stroked a 3 pointer to extend Georgetown's halftime lead to 6.


We are half way through the Big East now. So where do we stand? The Hoyas are #5 in the RPI and have the #3 SOS. Hoyas now own 6 top 50 RPI wins 2 of which are against the top 25. All 6 wins are against the top 35 of the RPI. The only top 25 teams with more Top 50 RPI wins are ND and UConn. All of our losses are against Top 50 teams and only one loss is outside the top 25. The Hoyas are on a roll. But they must continue to stay vigilant and keep on improving as every game in the conference is a battle. Only 2 of Georgetown's 7 remaining opponents are outside the top 50 in Kenpom's rankings and only 3 are outside the top 50 of the RPI. The Hoyas have an opportunity to add as many as 6 more top 50 RPI wins (7 if Marquette's RPI continues it's trajectory). We currently sit in a 4 way tie for 7th place in the Big East but only 3 games back from 1st and only a game out of 3rd place.

We get Louisville on the quick turnaround tomorrow night. They also have a quick turnaround having just upset UConn in Storrs. It took them 2 OTs to do it and will be their 3rd away game in their past 4. A tough defensive pressing team this game will challenge the Hoyas turnover prone tendencies. Expect a fast high scoring affair. Hoyas need to bring the intensity and close out on their shooters who run hot and cold.

Stay Casual, my friends.

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