Philly Showdown: #21/20 Georgetown Hoyas (15-5, 4-4) vs. #8/7 Villanova Wildcats (17-3, 5-2)

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Georgetown Hoyas

Villanova Wildcats
Georgetown vs.


#21/20 (15-5, 2-4); RPI: 6 #8/7 (17-3, 5-2); RPI: 10
Date: January 29, 2011
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Time: 12:00 p.m. ET
Arena: Wells Fargo Center
TV: ESPN Spread: Georgetown +5.5
Radio: ESPN980 Over/Under: 145
Online: SBN Affiliate:
The Nova Blog
Casual Road Trip - Section 207A

(Perspectives After The Jump)

View from the Student Section - A Perspective from Campus:

That felt really great, truly awesome. I love revenge games (and clearly our players do as well). Because I was late to the Pitt game, it had been over a month since I had the chance to don my wig and face paint, but St. Johns really got me back in the basketball mood. Julian was a complete animal down on the low post and Hollis’s "not-a-technical-but-probably-should-have-been" jam accentuated the butt whooping (keeping this PG-rated).

I cannot head up to Villanova this weekend, but I have gone to the away game at the now-Wells-Fargo Center the past two years. Last year our small contingent of inebriated students truly dominated their student section with a nice Hoya Saxa. Monroe slammed down a dunk, ran to our side of the court, and pointed up to us in the nose-bleeds (that was one of the highlights of my time at Georgetown). Even though they boast the better record, I think we can take them. If we tell our players that we lost to Nova earlier this year, I think that we can run the Wildcats out of the building. Hoya Saxa!

View from the Court Side Seats - A Perspective from OldHoya:

As a Georgetown basketball fan, there's Syracuse and then there's everyone else. But right at the top of that list is Villanova, and living up to the City of Brotherly Love's reputation, there isn't a more vile group of fans. Though OldHoya won't be making the trip this year, he has in years past and has witnessed never before heard levels of awfulness. It's simple - defeating Villanova is a win for apple pie, Superman, and all that's right in the world.

The St. John's game was a joy to watch and OldHoya takes particular pleasure in Hollis's determination and spirit coming, even when coming off the bench. The Red Storm is reeling but all in the gym felt that this was more a moment where Georgetown was coming together and moving forward as a team. Let's keep that momentum on this game and really set a tone for the remainder of the Big East season.

Oh - and to those of you braving that CasualShortBus, good luck with all that.

View from the Enemy- A Perspective from our Sleeping With The Enemy Interview:

Villanova will rebound and send the Hoyas reeling back to D.C. 78-71 behind the Corey's.

JahidiLikesPie  Nervous Level:


I only got to watch the first half of SJU on Wednesday, due to my need to flee the THUNDERSNOW that was in the process of crippling Manhattan. I am actually glad that I didn't see the 2nd half. It kept me from picking apart a 20+ point victory. The downside of not watching is that I didn't get to see any flaws. Because of this, I am now optimistic that we can play with a team that nearly beat the UConn Kembas and picked-apart the Dome Idiots on their home court. I hadn't really begun to think about Saturday until just now, and I am now full on nervous. I mean, this is an opportunity to get right back in the pool of chaos that is the upper half of the Big East. I am going to have to go with a nervousness level of SEVERE. I am almost hyperventalating now. I would now like to thank the blog lords for letting me write these things. I now am forced to think about games earlier than before. THANKS!

Unfortunately, circumstances have arisen that are denying me the ability to attend the game. I am ok with this. I despise Philadelphia and the fanbases that root for all of the teams that calls that dump home. I am not ok with missing the opportunity to drink fourloko in the parking lot with the blogdorks. Instead, I will be sitting in my living room wishing that I had access to Sleepy's morphine drip. While I won't be getting ahold of any morphine, I will have access to 11 24oz coors lights. I am predicting 2-3 will be consumed before we are down one with :22 left and, either wright dribble straight into 4 wildcats, or clark steps on the baseline. This is when I will switch to paint stripper.

View from the Sportsbook (via DonBest) - A Perspective from Vegas:

The Line: Georgetown +5.5; o/u 145

In West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days.  Chillin' out, maxin' relaxin' all cool and shootin' some b-ball outside the school when a couple of guys who were up to no good, started making trouble in my neighborhood.  I got in one little fight and my mom got scared, she said you're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bellaire.

The pick is Villanova -5.5. Final score Wildcats 78 - Hoyas 69.

Casual Hoya is 14-6 ATSLast season: 22-8 ATS. Where Your Money Stays And Plays.

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