The State of the Hoyas: The Best of the Hoyas

Now that we've conquered the state of New Jersey, it seems like the right time to reflect on the best Hoya All-Star teams of all-time.  And since an 8-day layoff in the middle of the season feels like the middle of the summer, it was either this or a new feature of documenting my breakfast. 


Anyway, before getting the All Hoya teams, a note about selection and bias.  Clearly I am influenced by players I actually saw play live and in person.  So having been in school from '78-'82 I got to see Sleepy Floyd a lot more than say Kevin Braswell.  I trust Bashfulhoya and OldHoya that Derrick Jackson was a great player, but i never saw him play so may have him underranked.  I expect that recent graduates will think I underplay the talents of JTIII players.  This is your forum to refute me.  My other criteria are winning, (staying 4 years a big plus) and overall talent.  I've tried not to be influenced one way or the other by what happened to the players after leaving campus.  What follows are the three most talented teams of Hoyas, plus the hardest team to beat...

The Best of the Hoyas after The Jump:

First Team All Hoya:

Center -- Patrick Ewing. 
Simply the most accomplished player in Georgetown history.  Led his team to our only national championship, three final fours, was the biggest recruit in our history and forever changed the program.

Power Forward -- Alonzo Mourning. 
Never won a national title, but it wasn't for lack of effort.  The single hardest working college basketball player ever.   A rebounding, shot blocking intimidation machine.

Small Forward --  Reggie Williams. 
Led the Reggie and the Miracles.  The second best inventive scorer, behind Iverson, in our school's history and sports a national championship ring.

Shooting Guard -- Sleepy Floyd. 
Best shooter the school has ever seen.  Led the team from his freshman year.  Was denied a ring by some punk from North Carolina who is currently battling gambling problems.

Point Guard -- Allen Iverson 
Best scorer the school has ever seen and the second most heralded recruit.  Didn't win much and didn't stay long enough, but you can't deny that talent.

Second Team All Hoya:

Center -- Dikembe Mutombo.  
Almost single-handedly made Georgetown a great defensive team.  Let everyone else overplay and gamble, and kept opponents shooting percentage under 40% by policing the lane and the boards.

Power Forward  - Craig Shelton 
A beast and sky walker before his time.  Never got the attention in the pre ESPN era, but an intimidating force at all times on the court.

Small Forward -  Jeff Green 
One of the most complete players ever to play for Georgetown.  A perfect fit for JTIII's offensive schemes. 

Shooting Guard --Austin Freeman 
A slow starter who didn't round into all star form until his junior year, but has developed into one of our best.  Great shooter, unselfish and efficient.

Point Guard -  Michael Jackson (more recent grads can substitute Jon Wallace) 
Spent four years handling the Hoya offense and I can't think of a single mental mistake he made.  Didn't shoot that much, but in the clutch wasn't afraid to launch.  His ring gives him the edge on Wallace.

Third Team All Hoya:

Center --  Roy Hibbert
Roy gets the slight nod over Othella Harrington and Greg Monroe because he won more.  Very close competition and I'm sure i've slighted some great 70's players and of course Henry Hyde and Paul Tagliabue.

Power Forward -- Mike Sweetney. 
Scoring and rebounding machine.  Plus helped pull Wisey's out of the Bush recession.

Small Forward  --Derrick Jackson. 
See Old Hoya's West Virginia post.  (which, by the way, I'm informed he thoroughly enjoyed)

Shooting Gurard -- Charles Smith
Pure scoring machine. 

Point Guard -- John Duren. 
Strongest point guard I've ever seen.  Football body with great basketball IQ.

Now it would stand to reason that as coach I'd want to pick the first team if the all time team actually was going to play an opponent.  Not really.  I can't imagine Iverson blending or sharing with the rest of that team..  The team I'd actually like to coach would be Ewing, Mourning, Michael Jackson, Floyd and Reggie Williams (although I gave serious consideration to Jeff Green for passing and slashing skills and Austin Freeman for the ability to light it up without needed to control the ball much)   

Of course with Vee Sanford as sixth man.

Stay Casual, my friends.

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