Positive PostGame Prognosis: West Virginia

The season is not over. A win over Pitt on Wednesday and this stretch is all forgotten. Georgetown is still a nationally ranked powerhouse. We still have a top 5 RPI and the #1 SOS. Win against Pitt and then take care of business in New Jersey and we're 4-3 in conference and climbing back up the rankings. It's a long season. Our shooting will return and our luck will change and people will look silly for having jumped off the bandwagon.


This loss really came down to one thing: turnovers. We have 12 turnovers instead of 18 and we win this game by double digits. Georgetown gave up 8 points off of steals, all during a critical stretch in the second half when the Hoyas were poised to take the lead. Key turnovers in the second half lost this game.

More Positive Thoughts after The Jump:

This quote from JTIII pretty much summarizes the end of the game:

On not getting shots down the stretch...

"That, in many ways is uncharacteristic. We had the one possession where Chris dropped it to Julian and it went out of bounds. Jason went in the lane and whatever happened there happened there. Third possession we tried to get an isolation for Austin on the side, I thought he was fouled, but we ended up losing that one. We had chances, we had opportunities, but it did not work out the way we wanted them to."

One of the biggest positives to take out of this game is that we have one of the smartest, most eloquent, and classy coaches of all time:

On getting back to where they were two weeks ago...

"In the nature of your questions is the answer to your questions."

Some people may have criticisms about certain decisions he makes, but no one can be upset with the level of class and dignity he brings to the program. I'd rather lose a few more games with a classy coach like JTIII than trade my soul for a couple more wins and a cheating dirt bag coach like Calhoun or Calipari.

Another positive we can take is we actually played well defensively. Not amazing, but solid defense at the level to be expected. We particularly held them to low percentages within the arc.  It was offense, not defense, that cost us this game. That's encouraging, because the offense is a lot easier to fix than defense. We will return to our awesome offensive ways. Our guards are too good not to get it together. I think this rough patch will teach the players valuable lessons about not relying on their shooting to win games.

Luck and refs are a part of the game. Right now these things have been going against us. I swear we're the only team that doesn't get a homecourt advantage from the refs. As JTIII said there were a couple of calls there at the end that a home team should be able to expect to get from the refs. Didn't happen. We need to make sure we win games despite these things, but due to the nature of the elements the tide will turn and these things will start going our way.

We did plenty well against WVU. We shot well inside the arc hitting 50% of our 2pt shots. We returned to our excellent free throw shooting hitting 90.9% only missing 1 shot. If we had gotten more of the calls we'd have another 10 points at the line. We out scored WV in the paint, had more fast break points, points off of turnovers, and bench points.

I was very proud of the Georgetown Fans who showed up to the game. They were loud and involved. It was great to see a good crowd for an early game and for those fans to be engaged.

Player Evaluations:

Jason Clark: Leading scorer for the game. Did a great job scoring in the paint. He also did a good job not taking too many 3's he went 1-2 from behind the arc. He also grabbed 5 rebounds, 2 steals, an assist, and a block.

Chris Wright: Knocked down his free throws. Helped on the boards grabbing 3. He also led the team in steals with 3. He also had 2 of our 10 assists.

Austin Freeman: Our second double digit scorer. He got 2 rebound and only had 1 turnover.

Hollis Thompson: 1 block 2 steals and no turnovers. Refs picked on him today, so he was limited to only 6pts and 3 rebounds. He's made an art of hitting deep threes. Also had a very good defensive rating.

Julian Vaughn: Had 4 points on 66.7% shooting. He had half our offensive rebounds and lead the team in assists. Chipped in a blocked shot as well.

Markel Starks: 5points and a steal. he also had the best defensive rating on the team. He played very well in his limited minutes.

Vee Sanford: Did not do anything negative, but did not get enough time to do anything positive.

Jerrelle Benimon: ummmm. He hustled a lot. Ummm we only gave up one offensive rebound during the 7 minutes he was in the game.

Henry Sims: Was perfect from the field and had a blocked shot. He also had a good defensive rating. He was perfect from the line as well.

Nate Lubick: Was the only Georgetown player with a positive assist to turnover ratio with 2 assists and 0 turn overs. He also added 4 points, 3 rebounds, and a block.

We're going to be fine. We've still got 14 games to go in the Big East season. We have a big game against Pittsburgh on Wednesday. Everyone come out and cheer on the team as they knock off another top 10 team in the Verizon Center!

Stay Casual, my friends.

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