Hoya Targets in Class of 2012

Rivals recently updated their rankings for the Class of 2012.

Lots of players listing the Hoyas in 2012. The class is big on talent and big on size. Lots of high quality big men in this class.

I've added some personal commentary.

It's ok to let yourself be optimistic. These kids won't be crushing our hearts for at least a year, so for now dare to dream.

Who exactly are the Hoyas recruiting? Find out after the jump

Targets and offers according to Rivals: (*[ ] indicates that info is from source other than this Rivals list).

#1 Andre Drummond(offered) 6'9" C
[#3 Shabazz Muhammad (offered)] - not going to happen
#5 Kyle Anderson(offered) 6'8" PG - no that's not a typo. Would love to get this kid.
#6 Brandon Ashley  6'8" PF
#7 Ricardo Ledo (offered) SF
#9 Jarnell Stokes 6'7" PF
#11 Alex Murphy(offered) - not likely to happen
#13 Kaleb Tarczewski(offered) 7' C - from the same school as Lubick but lots of big names after him
#14 Cameron Ridley 6'10" C
#16 Daniel Ochefu[offered] 6'10" Center - Visiting this weekend
[#18 Archie Goodwin (offered)] SG
#19 Perry Ellis - Not going to happen
[#25 D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera]* - we were at least involved at one point
[#28 LJ Rose]  PG
[#30 Amile Jefferson] SF - I think we have a real good shot to land him
[#32 Savon Goodman] SF
[#34 Ricardo Gathers] 6'6" PF
#41 Gabe York SG
[#45 Ryan Arcidiacono (offered)] 6'4" PG
#49 Damien Wilson (offered) SF
[#50 Jerami Grant(offered)]* - An article from a month ago on rivals claimed we offered him and has a quote of him saying he really likes Georgetown right now yet on this updated ranking they don't even have us listed ::) SF
#51 Anrio Adams SG
[#56 AJ Hammons] 6'11" C
[ #64 Tony Parker] 6'7" C
#66 Brice Johnson 6'9" PF
[#69 Jamal Ferguson (offered)] SG
#75 Landen Lucas 6'9" C - has already visited gtown unofficially and reportedly loves it in DC, GTown campus, and Hoya program
#79 Xavier Johnson SF
#85 James Robinson (offered) - combo guard from dematha rumor is he's a heavy georgetown lean.
[#94 Martavious Newby * - said in an interview he would like to hear from  Georgetown but presumeably hadn't yet at the time of the interview in the begining of June
[#111 Robert Upshaw] 6'11 C - Texas bound
#121 Negus Webster-Chan
[#132 Madison Jones]
#138 Marcus Hunt
[#145 Demarquise Johnson]

Stay Casual, my friends.

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