Sitting Down With Bishop Daniels, A Guard From The Class of 2011

In days prior, we went over an exhaustive list of the big men that Georgetown is looking at in the Class of 2011.  Now we turn our focus on the other positions.  One player in particular stand outs: Bishop Daniels, a 6'2'' guard out of Raleigh, NC.  Daniels is ranked as the 112th best prospect in the Class of 2011 by Rivals but his stock is quickly rising.  ESPN had the following to say about the guard:

 Daniels is a bouncy combo guard who is equally as comfortable coming off screens or creating his very own scoring opportunities. His shooting range is limitless and when he is hot defenders beware. Has exceptional handles and keeps the ball out in front giving him the ability to get anywhere with his excessive quickness and athletic burst. Defensively Daniels has the foot speed to guard a top notch point guard or a quick ball-handling two.

(More on Daniels after the Jump)

Nolan from CuttingDownNets recently sat down with Daniels to talk about his recruitment.

Strengths and Weaknesses

"My pull up jumper and I can get up and down the court and score. My weaknesses, defense and making the transition to point guard, my decision making sometimes isn't where it needs to be."

Recruitment Thus Far

As far as Bishop's recruitment, he states that it will be done around the time of the start of his High School season at Word of God Christian Academy, and by no later than December. Currently the school list consists of, "Georgetown, South Carolina, Clemson, Miami, Ole Miss, DePaul, Purdue and Charlotte. " Three of the schools have offered, DePaul, Charlotte and Purdue. Bishop maintains that there are no favorites at this stage.

On Georgetown

He did take one trip to Georgetown during July and enjoyed his time. "I went once this summer. During the weekend. It went real good, I played with the guys. It's a nice area." Assistant coach Kenya Hunter, who has ties to the North Carolina area is Bishop's lead recruiter at Georgetown and Bishop says, "He's a real cool guy."

Read more of the interview here: Bishop Daniels Interview


Do we need a guard right now?  Not really.  Do we need a player right now?  YES.  Daniels will be a good fit in Georgetown's offense and has flown under the radar for much of the recruiting season.  Thompson the Third's greatest successes have come with recruits that most major programs overlooked.  I'm fine with this.

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