Kenner Report 7/25


Jonathan Wallace, J.D. and I enjoyed 2 1/2 games this afternoon, enjoying the shelter from the apparently crazy thunderstorms.  We also got to catch up with jahidilikespie who as lordnick noted, has resurfaced.  Don't think I have seen him since last basketball season...anyhoo, back to the games...

First game, Jason Clark and Team Takeover vs Higher Level

This was first time we had seen Higher Level and when the two teams first took to the court, we just said to ourselves....uh oh.  This team is big and looks pretty tough.  And in the first 30 seconds, Cam Long rising senior from George Mason sunk a beautiful 3.  They are going to give Team Takeover a run for their money,  But apparently, not so much.  Team Takeover continued to show their dominance that we witnessed a couple weeks ago and won 80-60.  Jason Clark looked good and I think stood out more than last game we saw.  Still love DeWayne Jackson, rising sophomore from Morgan State U...that kid is good, both offensively and defensively, and really hustles. I have to give a shout out to Blake Price , graduate of ArchBishop Carroll in DC and rising sophomore at Elizabeth City State University...which, uh, is apparently in Elizabeth City, NC.  I am pretty sure this kid is shorter than me and man he held his own and made some great plays. 

Also on Higher Level was Mike Morrison from George Mason - 6'9", good player but you could tell he just had an attitude....a quick Google search showed that first impression was fairly accurate...

Game 2 Tombs vs Premiere Athletics

The Tombs were without Austin as apparently he was playing in some camp in Vegas or so I think I heard.  During the warm-up, we noticed that hmmmmm....first, Premiere Athletics only have 1 player....okay now 3....then 4....they were obviously holding off the start waiting for enough players to show up.  And then, great a 5th shows up!  Let's get this game started.  In basically the first play, a Premiere Athletics player goes in for a dunk! Wait a second...he looks familiar.  "Mike Morrison from George Mason with 2." Hmm apparently they keep a trunk of extra uniforms in the back in case a team is short and someone needs to jump in...

So back to business - Hollis looked ten times better than last weekend...probably because Austin and Jeff Green weren't there to outshine him.  He hustled, was sinking beautiful 3s and just looked like a much more mature player than he did last week.  As for the freshman, Starks is still crazy good and I cannot wait to see him over the next 4 years.  A large contingent of his family was in the stands as well which is always nice to see.  Nate Lubick also looked much better than last week...made some great plays under the basket, just all around much better. In the first half, Bowen didn't look so good...had a couple airballs in the first 10 minutes, just looked kind of timid, nothing like last week.  He seemed to get his mojo back though in the second half and played with much more confidence - at one point, he stripped a Premiere guard of the ball and broke down the court for a dunk.  Not bad.  Moses looked okay - still had the a-little-more-than-rough around the edges moments but there were a couple bright moments. 

My favorite moment of the game was in the second half, aforementioned Mike Morrison gets the ball underneath, Nate is covering him and a guy from the audience yells "All day, Mike!"  And...Nate strips the ball.  Fabulous.  Then, next time down, same thing.  Guy yells again "All day, Mike!"  And...blatant offensive foul from Morrison. Again, great.  Nice job, Nate. 

Tombs win 78-70

Third game, we only stayed for the first half but it was good to see Jerelle as we hadn't seen DCX yet.  He looked okay and well, is kind of rocking the hawk which I gotta give props to.  Its a pretty close cut but yeah kind of still a hawk.  DCX didn't look that great but I think a lot of it had to do with they didn't really have a guard...just one kind of spastic guy.  To be honest though, I kept getting distracted with various people in the stands....two in particular.  Every time each walked by I said, who is that, I know him....

And then realized one was Samardo Samuels, who is apparently going to be moving to Cleveland soon, and then Kenny Izzo...come on, who is with me on that one? Georgetown '07...didn't so much play but is in my favorite Hoyas poster that we used to get at a game early in the season.  Its totally torn and beat up after a few moves but is still prominently displayed in my cube.

Well, that ended up being a casually long post...

Stay Casual, my friends.

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