Casualhoya's New Cellphone: REVEALED!

Last week I asked you, the loyal followers of THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON, for your keen insight to help guide me on my journey to replace my beloved Blackberry Bold. 

The ref is way out of position.  via  

My decision to part with my Blackbery Bold as detailed in last week's missive left me with 3 reasonable options in my mobile device free agency: 1) stick with my current AT&T and get the new Blackberry Bold with the trackpad instead of trackball, 2) stick with AT&T and upgrade to the new and exciting and soon-to-be recalled iPhone 4, or 3) sign a frontloaded offer sheet with Verizon and be a guinea pig to the new Droid X from Motorola. 

After numerous phone calls to various service providers and conversations with telecommunications device experts in which I peppered them with my very specific needs, one phone began to rise above the rest.  And after 195 votes and 30+ comments from you, the VERDICT IS IN.

New casual mobile device revealed after The Jump!:

In this summer I have decided to take my talents to VERIZON, and have purchased the freshly launched Motorola DROID X.

The 1st picture taken with my new Droid X. 

The new Droid X is easy to type on, incorporates the majestic Swype technology and has a casual predictive type thingy that automatically pulls up about a dozen word options for you once you start to type letters which makes texting faster.  The biggest fear I had, mainly not being able to type a damn thing accurately without throwing the phone out the window, appears to have been calmed. 

My documentation needs (I take a boatload of pics) are being met by the device's whopping 8 megapixel camera (and HD video) which is allowing me to document with the excellent clarity and subtle artistry that I am accustomed to.    

The Apps available are endless, and in the fall I look forward to watching live NFL games on it while mobile Skyping with aliens while blogging about Henry Sims, and since it is a Google phone all of Google's vast upside: GMail, Google Talk, Google Maps (it's the best), and Latitude run seamlessly and with great vigor.  The phone also acts as its own Wi-fi hotspot, but I have no idea what that means. 

I've only had the damn thing for a couple of hours and it will probably take me MONTHS to unleash its full force and capability, but for now I am convinced I have found what I was looking for.  I will take this opportunity to note that I will indeed miss Blackberry Messenger, a program on which I have virtually lived for the past 2 years, but since it's basically the same thing as texting but to a secret group of weirdos who have PIN numbers, I should be able to overcome any lingering side effects from my separation relatively soon.

The new Droid X.


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