Casual Lock of the Day: Varmint v. Teddy - Day 8

Over the past week we have been using this feature to document the answer to one of gambling's greatest questions:


The answer has become ABUNDANTLY CLEAR.


Tale of the Tape and The Picks after The Jump: 

Tale of the Tape: 

Varmint Teddy

Gambler_medium Teddy_2_medium
Head to Head
1-6 6-1
% Correct
14.3% 85.7%
Age 37 Almost 2 years old
Race Ghostly White Maltipoo
Weight 188 pounds 6 pounds
Fun Fact   "I like going to bed at 8 PM and waking up at 4 AM." "I pee on telephone polls and fire hydrants."


Varmint's Pick:

My record is 5-12 overall.  I am so crushed by last night's 1 point defeat (Air Force was getting 8 and lost by 9 after 2 Wyoming free throws with just seconds left) that I simply cannot muster enough energy to take on the mutt today.  I'm turning this one over to one of my key advisers, who calls himself the Jewish Prince of Darkness.   

My pick for Wednesday..... Memphis +3 at UAB.  Memphis head coach Josh Pastner is a member of the Tribe just like I am, and we need to stick together!  Pastner's faith in the Old Testament will lead the Tigers to victory (or a narrow loss), and get us back in the win column.

Empty your bank account and lay heavy.  Memphis +3 is a LOCK!!!

Teddy's Pick:

I'm back, baby!

Thankfully Villanova was able to hold on last night and barely cover the 3 point spread against Cincy.  Certainly too close for comfort as I was licking my paws down the stretch, but nonetheless a win is a win and I have moved on.  I am crushing Varmint, by the way, crushing him. 


I am a precious and sweet puppy but tonight's pick is one rooted in spite.  Casual Hoya blogger lordnick is from Tallahassee, and I don't like him.  He has never been nice to me and often sends emails to my daddy making fun of my size.  That's reason enough for me to take Wake and the points.  Even if FSU covers I will sleep well tonight knowing that all of you will be rooting for me and against lordnick.   Lordnick is mean. 

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