From Way Downtown

In spite of constantly shooting blanks for the first 10 minutes we ended up shooting 46% from the field, and 50% from 3. It certainly helps to have a hot hand from 3 when Monroe via Wright is opening up the perimeter through the inside game.

The three point shot used to be firmly associated with Pitino's Cardinals, Notre Dame, GerryMac/Devendorf or Nova with their three/four guard rotation.

Going out on a limb, without any empirical evidence to back me up, I'll say our best three point shooter ever, or at least since the introduction of the three point arc in '87, was Irvin Church in the early 90's.

However, we've become, to our credit, I believe, much more capable from three in the past several years.

In fact, here are some mind-numbing statistics to support what most of you already know about this season on an otherwise slow workday. 

Year to date, we’re averaging 40% from outside the arc. We’ve held our our opponents to a respectable 32.8% However, in what I’d refer to as our ‘signature’ (games we coulda/shoulda lost on paper) wins, our percentages from ‘way downtown’ were as follows ;

vs Butler, 46.2%
@ Pitt, 70.0%,
 vs Duke, 46.2%,
vs Nova, 52.6%
@ Lville, 50.0%

Avg = 53.0%

Each instance is clearly above our season average. (Note:I would lump the Washington victory in Anaheim with these games, but we shot an atrocious 16.7% – and I’m certainly one to rapidly discard statistics when they stand in the way of my facts. That, and the Pac-10 blows this year)

In our losses, we have shot, from three,:

vs. ODU – 29.4%
@ Marq – 33.3%
@ Nova – 33.3%
@ Cuse – 38.1%
vs. USF – 31.3%
@ Rutgers 30.8%
vs Cuse 25%

Avg = 31.6%

I’m too lazy to take the time to draw any meaningful conclusions - such as:

a)  seeing how this correlates to Monroe’s production inside the paint (in order to open up the outside) or

b)  interestingly, looking at Wright/Clark pct. from 3 during these games vs. Freeman’s

c)  or looking at Wright's assist to TO ratio in each of these games to reveal any correlation with our success from three

Should anyone want to do that work, feel free.  This analysis, regrettably, reveals nothing more than the fact that it pays to have the hot hand from outside the arc.

Always, take the points.

Stay Casual, my friends.

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