Jeff Green Debate

Over at Welcome to Loud City, the OKC fans are debating our man Jeff's value.

User jksnake99 writes:

That brings me to Jeff Green.  I honestly don't understand why he is viewed as a good NBA player.  He's shooting 44% from the field and 30% from 3 pt range.  For the advanced stat geeks out there, he's got a .517 True Shooting% which is pretty terrible for a PF.  Furthermore, he's a very below average rebounder for a 4 man.  Putting it all together, he's got a below average PER of 13.4, which is actually down from his 13.9 PER from last year.  There aren't many signs he's getting better.  On defense, I think he's fine but nothing special.  Looking at the adjusted plus minus data on basketballvalue paints an even worse picture.  The Thunder have been better with him off the floor the past two years-- quite a bit better in fact.  Now, as you folks know, that stat has plenty of noise in it, but while Durant's made a huge turnaround in this category helped by vast improvements in his D (and he was probably never as bad as it suggested), Green has made no such strides.

So, I ask you guys:  How good is Jeff Green in your opinion and how big a part of OKC's "Big 3" is he?

Anyway, you guys have a great young team that plays great, inspired D and has a staggeringly talented scorer in Durant.  I'm just curious about Green.

Now, I haven't watched a lot of OKC games, although I may have to start.  I didn't weigh in on their debate, but I particularly enjoyed this comment:

Several Thunder fans are not happy with Green.

My thought is that he is not mean enough. Once he learns to be aggressive he’d be a more solid part of this game.

Green is also playing out of position. He is a natural 3, but is big enough to compete with other 4s.


Your friendly neighborhood Loud City resident.

by daddydai on Feb 4, 2010 3:38 AM PST 

Can't help but chuckle.


Stay Casual, my friends.

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