Positive PostGame Prognosis: App State

That was just what the doctor ordered after a tough loss.

Definitely the most fun I've had at a game in quite some time. It was a small crowd but moses fever made for a great environment.


Remember Lubick's Massive Block/Foul on the App State player in the first half? That's pretty much a perfect metaphor for what the hoyas did to the poor mountaineers this game.  Hopefully we'll do the same to the much more annoying mountaineers when they visit the phone booth in little under a month.


You want to talk positives I point  to the following stats:


The Hoyas assisted on 27 of their 36 FGs

The Hoyas shot 72% from the field in the second half while holding the Mountaineers to 32%

The Hoyas got 35pts from the bench and 42pts from the 4 and 5 positions.


The Hoyas dominated in all facets of the game.

The most positive aspect of this game was the defense. The Hoyas held the 2nd leading scorer in all of division 1 to 14pts basically half of his average. The individual defense was good and the help was even better. We smothered them both in the half court and with the press.


Player Evaluations:

Chris Wright: Are you kidding me with those assists?! Over the shoulder, behind the back, threading the needle with a bounce pass. Kid is flat out killing it out there. He's the best Point Guard in the nation.


Austin Freeman: The dunk. Damn! He was mad at that rim. That dunk was ferocious! He found ways to score with out the 3 ball. He kept working despite shots not falling as easy as in the past.


Jason Clark: Still just pouring on the 3 balls on people. The best thing was his defense. Shutting down the aforementioned Donald Sims. Throw in 3 assists and 5 steals and you got another amazing game from Jason.


Hollis Thompson: Great bounce back game for hollis. Perfect from the field. Can't ask for anything more than that. His pull up J and circus shot were both things of beauty.


Julian Vaughn: 8pts and 8 rebounds. Not too shabby. His freethrow stroke is odd, but it's been working so well this year. Vastly improved over last year. Keep up the work big fella!


Nate Lubick: Huge game. 11pts 7 rebounds 2 huge dunks. 2 very nice assists. Kid is really blossoming. So athletic! yes athletic! He's cleary becoming more comfortable out there and has improved his defense. Great FT stroke as well.


Henry Sims: Had some great dunks and some nice assists. He also grabbed a good number of rebounds. That up and under move was very impressive as well.


Jerrelle Benimon: Kid has a nice FT stroke. While I don't want him taking 3's I wouldn't mind seeing him take a mid range jumper around the FT line.


Vee Sanford: 3 assists and 3 steals 4pts. Another nice outing for the messageboard favorite.


Markel Starks: Showed off some of his amazing quickness with a nice drive in the first half. Chipped in 4pts 2 assists and a steal.


Aaron Bowen: Monster Dunk! Glad he got his first points. He looked very happy to break the seal.


Ryan Dougherty: As the only player on the team that knows me by name rather than just by sight, ryan has a special place in my heart. He clearly has a special place in the heart of the team too as they were going crazy when he scored on the nice floater at the end of the game. As a walk on it's perfectly legitimate to score in that situation.


Moses Abraham Ayegba: HUGE! Are you kidding me?! Has this anticipated of a debut ever actually paid off like this? 4pts! A sweet FT stroke! Not looking lost at all! Wow! Welcome to the family!

Stay Casual, my friends.

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