Positive Postgame Prognosis: Tulane

I'm sure it'll be a little easier for people to agree with my delusional point of view after this game than it was after ODU. The hoyas flushed the green wave pretty thoroughly last night at the verizon center.  Despite the absence of our beloved swagman the hoyas were able to dominate in all facets of the game.


The team started out by dominating from beyond the arc raining 3's down on poor tulane. The hoyas built a 20pt lead in the first half. Naturally at that point they let up on the gas a little bit and JTIII began to shuffle more players in and out to get the bench minutes. Tulane was able to close the gap a little with a run that spanned the end of the first and the beginning of the second half.

JTIII turned to a 3/4 court trapping press to invigorate the team.  I love our press. Fans have been clamoring for it for years. Not only are we running a press, but it's working too. The hoyas forced 14 turnovers against tulane and at least half of those were as a result of the press and we got a couple of easy buckets from the press as well. Georgetown had 14pts off of steals according to the good people at hoya prospectus.


The hoyas were able to flex their depth in this game as every hoya player that was available played. Get well soon Julian and Markel. Moses looked extremely cool in his suit tonight. Georgetown players always dress well.


Overall one has to be very happy with last night's result. We almost shot 50% from the field we shot over 40% from 3, held our opponent to 36% fro the field, played good defense, and were never threatened.  On to the Charleston classic!



Player Evaluations:

Chris Wright: People love to complain about chris's decision making. Especially on the fast break. Honestly I didn't see much to complain about last night. He either got to the rim or got fouled last night. On one occasion he turned it over. no one bats 1.000. The issue we have here is confirmation bias. People expect chris to be bad on the break now so every time there's a fast break they're  already expecting something negative so that's what they find even if it doesn't reflect reality. People complained about a fast break where chris took it to the hole and got fouled. They complained because he got fouled. Why is that a problem or his fault?

Chris actually played a great game. He dished out a career high 8 assists. So i think that counteracts his 1 assist against ODU. He also added 7pts 2 rbds(I'm sure he had more than that), and 4 steals.


Austin FreemanAustin was austin 4-6 from 3pt land cool and collected. Just dominated the game with brutal efficiency. Don't need to say much about him he's just a joy to watch.

Jason ClarkPlayer of the game in my opinion. Not only was his stat line amazing: 17pts 11rbds, 5steals. But he did it all in the wake of his grandmother passing away early monday morning.  Again not much to say. Jason has taken a step up from last year and is flat out doing work.

Hollis Thompson: Hollis found the rims @ ODU to be unkind, but back in the friendly confines of the verizon center hollis knocked down a couple three's played solid defense and grabbed 5 rebounds in a very solid showing. He had a phenomenal block in the first half and almost posterized a poor tulane player.

Henry SimsRegular man stood in for swag man last night and henry acquitted himself rather well. He scored on a nice post move the first time he got the ball. He wasn't give the ball very often in the position to score and when he was the height deficient tulane double teamed him. Henry correctly kicked the ball out in that situation. Henry did a great job on the board pulling in 5 according to the stat keepers. It seems obvious at this point that henry will be a solid part of the rotation and I couldn't be happier

Vee SanfordSeemingly fully recovered from his illness that kept him out of the ODU game, Vee submitted his resume for being a serious contributor to our already stunning back court. Pouring in 10pts in 19 minutes of play including 2-3 from 3pt land.  Vee is also a energetic defender who was really effective in the press. I really like this kid and glad to see him in the rotation and that coach is using his quality depth.

Nate Lubick: Kid is a bundle of energy. He hustled his ass off grabbing rebounds and trying to block shots. Kid has ups too as demonstrated by him sitting on a tulane player's head.

He scored the first points of his career last night and would've had more but the refs decided it was unfair to call every foul tulane committed since they were so bad.

Jerrelle Benimon: The benimonster does what he does. He's another high energy player who's going to work his but off on both ends. He can come in play solid defense and knows the offensive sets. He'll be able to chip in points here and there, but his role is to play defense and grab rebounds.

Aaron Bowen: It was his first game and he was obviously nervous. Glad to see JTIII give him some run now in the preseason. He has the skills to be good down the road. He was active and energetic. It'll come together for him at some point.

John Caprio: he's a walk on, but that doesn't mean he's no good. He made a strong move to the basket to draw a foul. he didn't convert, but I love the attitude and he showed a fair bit of skill. Great walk on to have.

Ryan DoughertyRyan's my boy we go back quite a bit. He runs the offense well and is a huge part of the team even though most fans don't get to see it.

Stay Casual, my friends.

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