Georgetown Midnight Madness - The Student Perspective


I was going to write a recap earlier, but due to both my procrastination as a student and the fact that my parents were here over the weekend (I love that Georgetown squeezes both parent’s weekend and midnight madness into the same weekend), I finished this up pretty late.

No midnight madness is as magical as the first one freshman year, but the truly great thing about the annual tradition is that it is a brief preview of what is to come during the season.  Sure, Kenner League opens our eyes as to how the players have progressed and how the new guys may fit in, but the student energy is not mixed in.  Campus was definitely buzzing this weekend.

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After a brief hour of kayaking with my parents on the Potomac (thankfully fall has come because the Potomac only really smells when it is warm out) and stuffing hors d’oeuvres down at the Meet-the-Deans reception in the ICC, I headed over to get my wristband. 


The pre-madness barbecue featured a massive screen depicting the destruction of Duke so that we could relive the game.  Furthermore, the Georgetown University Grilling Society was cooking the delicious ½ pound GUGS burgers. If you do not know what I am talking about, come to Georgetown one Friday afternoon and try one.

After the doors opened at 8:00 and DOPS had thoroughly rubbed down every student with a metal detector wand (due to the fact that someone decided to shoot up a toilet at last year’s festivities), the event got under way. 

The students packed into McDonough and got loud as the players put on a show.  The beginning featured performances by the GU Step, Jiwani, and Groove Theory.  I really appreciated Christ Wright picking up one of Jiwani’s props and following along.  If the NBA doesn’t work out, he definitely has a possible future career in Indian dance.

Georgetown then brought both players and students together for the annual shooting competition with the freshmen and sophomores facing off against the juniors and seniors.  As the upperclassmen took an early lead, Jerrelle and a couple of the sophomores decided to run the court and start interfering.  In response, Henry ran the floor and attempted to block a 5-5 female students weak shot, but whiffed.  I am confident Henry will look a lot better this year then last, but that was ugly.  My friend turned to me and said “Henry’s dunks look so dirty, let’s just hope he keeps that up all season.”  Time will tell.

Wale broke out his hit song “Chillin,” which really got the crowd going.  However, when he launched into “Pretty Girls,” (which turned out to be a good song), the student weren’t really able to follow along.  I love Wale for being so rooted in DC and really enjoy “Chillin,” but I don’t know anything else about him.

After the intros, JTIII brought the men’s and women’s teams together for Soul Train style dancing.  The team put on a show with a shoot-around and some high-flying dunks to cap off the madness.  Never really knew why midnightmadness ended before midnight, but the event was over by about 11pm.

It was also great to spot the recruits after the festivities hanging out with the players.  Hopefully they make the wise choice of Georgetown basketball.  Hoya Saxa! 

Stay Casual, my friends.

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