This Means War: Casual Hoya Banned from Duke Message Board

In case you wanted to check out The Duke Basketball Report and put up a post meant to generate some hype ahead of the big game on Saturday, THINK AGAIN.  You could be BANNED FOR LIFE.


"Date the ban will be lifted: NEVER"   via


I know what you're thinking.  What could one possibly say to deserve such a fate?  Did you go on there and call them sissies?  Did you accidentally reveal your intentions to cause bodily harm to Jon Scheyer on Saturday?  

Here's what happened:  Yesterday I went on there and posted that we over at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON have been providing some Duke content and that peeps should come check it out.  The post was immediately deleted (no warning), I was given some sort of points deduction on my user account, and then told by some Kim Jong Admin over there that Duke first had FSU to worry about, and I should come back tomorrow (today) with this stuff so it could generate some meaningful discussion about the game. 

And that's exactly what I did, crafting a nice (and uncharacteristically kind) post about our debate over here at Casual Hoya, and inviting them to come over and check it out. But don't just take my word for it, here's the post itself (before it had been deleted from existence by their Kim Jong Blue Devil Admins):

casualhoya casualhoya is online now Hoop Dreams   Join Date: Jan 2010 Posts: 1
Default Duke at Georgetown: The Georgetown Perspective Greetings, Duke fans. Fear not, I come in peace and mean no harm.

While I'm sure my visit here will likely be immediately tossed aside as trolling, over at the SBNation Georgetown blog we have been posting articles all week leading up to the game in DC on Saturday in this budding rivalry between the two storied programs. I am hopeful that this post will lead to some meaningful discussion about the programs and the upcoming game in this forum.

Yesterday we discussed Coach K as well as Duke's image as a squeaky clean program, and today we've started off by reliving the great game back on January 21, 2006 that put Georgetown back on the college hoops map.

I invite any and all of you to join in the spirited debate, and look forward to the buildup for the game on Saturday.

Congrats on the win against FSU.

Ooh, how controversial!

The post even generated a couple of decent responses, ranging from why did Greg Monroe go to Georgetown over Duke, to tell us about the casual coeds that Georgetown has on campus.  But alas, just moments after posting I received another 'infractions notice' and given some sort of monster 20 point deduction to my user account - the Duke message board equivalent of a college program being given the Death Penalty.

HoyaTalk is the best.

F-ck Duke.

Stay Casual, my friends.

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