Georgetown and Duke: Then and Now

Buenas tardes, mis amigos!  As you've heard about already, faceless reader, this is a big week here at the GLOBAL PHENOMENON.  This morning, we took a look back at the memorable game against Duke on January 21, 2006.  But rather than dwell on the past, now I'm here to recap the last four years for the two programs and universities since that glorious day.

Important Date #1: January 21, 2006


Yes We Can!   via

Georgetown beats Duke 87-84, handing the #1 Blue Devils their first loss and giving me my first near death experience while rushing the court.  You can see me in the #55 jersey above, if you were wondering what I look like.

More 'History' after the jump:

Important Date #2: March 13, 2006



Hey, any time you can rush to accuse 3 innocent people, divide your town by class and race, fire your lacrosse coach, alienate your alumni base, get John Feinstein all worked up, and cancel a season for the #1 team in the country for a complete lie, you have to do that right?

Important Date #3: March 23, 2006



Hahaha!  Look at him!  He's crying!  Only girls cry!  Not a great 10 day stretch for Duke University.  First that whole rape accusation thingy, and then JJ Redick ends his college career losing to some dude named Big Baby.  What's ironic is JJ is the one that ended up crying, so who's the real Big Baby?

Important Date #4: January 6, 2007



Greg Paulus got a nice serving of nuts courtesy of Deron Washington.  I just made up a multiple choice question:

What is Greg Paulus' favorite kind of ball?

A.  Basketball

B.  Football

C.  Deron Washington Ball

Youtube clip

Important Date #5: March 10, 2007



Georgetown follows up its 2007 Big East Conference Championship with a 65-42 thrashing of Pittsburgh to win the 2007 Big East Tournament.  DaJuan Summers continues his creepy love affair with my son.

Important Date #6: March 15, 2007



Eric Maynor of VCU beats Duke with a last second shot in the first round of the 2007 NCAA Tournament.  Duke lost 79-77 and broke their streak of nine straight Sweet 16 appearances.

Important Date #7: March 25, 2007



Georgetown defeats UNC 96-84 to go to the Final Four.  Again, Duke lost in the first round.

Important Date #8: October 13, 2007



Greg Monroe, the #1 recruit in the nation and the jewel of Coach K's 2008 recruiting class, commits to Georgetown over Duke.  In the picture above, I envision Duke as the rim.

Important Date #9: March 8, 2008



Georgetown beats Louisville 55-52 to secure back-to-back Big East Regular Season Championships.

Important Date #10: March 22, 2008



West Virginia upsets #2 Duke 73-67 in the 2nd round of the 2008 NCAA Tournament.  I've never been more proud of a group of inbreds in my life.

Oof: March 23, 2008




Important Date #11: February 28, 2009


Georgetown beats Villanova 56-54, salvaging its season and allowing Georgetown to win the National Championship lose twice to St. Johns and in the first round of the NIT. 

Important Date #12: March 26, 2009



That same Villanova team would end Greg Paulus' career in the 2009 NCAA Tournament, beating the Blue Devils 77-54, ergo, Georgetown was better than Duke in each of the past four years.

Important Date #13: January 30, 2010



Future Me has informed Present Me that Georgetown will be Muhammad Ali and Duke will be Sonny Liston on Saturday.

Duke is the worst.


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