How I got Permanently Banned from HoyaTalk

Some have asked that I tell my story. After months of psychological evaluation and therapy I'm finally able to reveal my pain. ENJOY. 

After a disappointing 2008-2009 season during which a player I had loved (Dajuan Summers) completely sucked I was in a bad place. I have been a Hoya hoops fan my whole life and my mom, a professor at the university, once had Dikembe Mutumbo in her class. He actually came to my house for dinner but thankfully didn't say his classic catchphrase. There is a picture of me with him below. I am proud to be a die hard Hoyas fan since before I was born. I say all of this to let you know that I live and breathe Hoya Hoops, and I use this thing called the internet to read about the Hoyas all day long.

But I digress.

In the wake of a bad season I was looking for answers. I was talking to people about the team, and regularly checking HoyaTalk for recruiting information and the usual off season analysis. I was already a member of HoyaTalk but not a regular poster...Maybe I didn't post much because I got off on the wrong foot with the website's admins. Turns out they didn't think my original screen name, HarveyStoleMyXbox, was as funny as I did. My friend's uncle works in stadium management (a profession that sounds like it has awesome perks) and is also very well connected with Georgetown Athletics and D.C. area athletics in general. One day my friend said he heard from his uncle that Chris Wright might be transferring.  

On HoyaTalk I authored a thread "Wright to Transfer?" and said something like, "I heard a rumor that Wright might be transferrering...please tell me this isn't true!"

Within 10 minutes there were over 60 responses from HoyaTalk veterans scolding me, personal messages telling me that Chris Wright's father had his cellphone message inbox fill up completely with voicemails from, I guess reporters, concerned fans who have his number which is weird, or possibly the FBI....WHO KNOWS?
Behold the power of the internet, I suppose. I received many hateful personal messages from different regular posters on the blog. I begun to realize that I had opened up a big old can of worms as the angry posters continued barraging the message thread and my inbox. I began immediately apologizing profusely on the message board thread, emailing the moderators to tell them my error and to take down the thread and sent quick apologies to as many personal messages as I could. 

To be clear, I definitely broke the rules (I didn't really closely review them, to be honest) and I understand that breaking the rules has consequences. I just think that HoyaTalk took it a little too far, especially given my numerous apologies. 

I eventually got an email from one of the admins saying I had been permanently banned. To this day, every single computer in my entire office gets an error screen every time I try to go to HoyaTalk. I'm no techie, but I'm pretty sure that means they banned every IP address from my entire office. Not only did they prevent me from logging in, but they went so far to prevent me from even viewing the website as a guest while at work...which is AWFUL because reading about hoya hoops beats actually working any day. I emailed the guy back saying "I know I am getting banned but can I at least still check your website for news/clips/info?" and never received a response. 

Thankfully THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON that is Casual Hoya and his crew have put together this awesome blog which I use for all my hoya hoops info. I like my blogs cynical, delusional, and hilarious, not pretentious and vindictive. 


Stay Casual, my friends.

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